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What is the Tai Chi & Qigong Online School?

It is a collection of video lessons by master Cheng Long. Currently the collection consists of more than 25 lessons with very detailed explanations and this number is constantly expanding. Each lesson is 20 to 45 minutes long and all lessons become available right after the first monthly payment. For this price, 163 people are already practicing with us and there’s a special discussion group on Facebook. You can also submit your questions into the commentary section directly to the master if you have any while practicing. To begin your practice, scroll down to the bottom and press “Enroll”.

Is Tai Chi & Qigong the way to eternal youth?

Nowadays the movement of “biohacking” is becoming a popular mainstream trend towards physical immortality even though this isn’t anything new at all. Chinese physicians started researching this topic thousands of years before the modern geniuses of Silicon Valley. The result of endless research has shown that the techniques of qigong and taijiquan give longevity and physical youth all the way to a very old age.

Qigong is a system of exercises that are selected by the Chinese in a specific manner and a very pragmatic one: to recover the organism and energetic potential growth.

People in various physical conditions can practice qigong. Slow, smooth movements in combination with joint and breathing gymnastics help:

  • become more energised. Improve the quality of sleep and decrease the time needed to get into the state
  • eliminate illnesses in the musculoskeletal system and nervous system and eliminate autoimmune diseases
  • harmonise and be more relaxed and stable when facing stress
  • slow the process of aging, looking way younger than your actual age

To get you inspired I want to share a couple of stories from my very own students.

Irina Alekseeva 63 y.o. Gynaecologist

The first time she came to the practice on her doctor’s recommendation, was 4 years ago. She was suffering from chronic fatigue and doctors could not find the cause. She could practice standing straight for only 15 minutes and then she would have to sit down and rest. Gradually she was able to practice for longer periods… The palms of her hands became warm and her sleep cycle and appetite had normalized. Two years ago she did a 42km hike up Mt. Jima, not yielding to younger companions. Not so long ago she moved out of the country to her children and now continues practicing online. Also, 2 times a year she comes back for an instructor’s course with me.

Mikhail Abram 52 y.o. Artist

Mikhael came to qigong 10 years ago. Mikhail suffered from a spinal hernia. Doctors said that the only way to get rid of the pain was to undergo surgery. He began to practice yoga, but it didn’t help. When he came to me we began with exercises to stretch and grow the spinal cord. Around one year later the pain was gone so he didn’t need the surgery after all. Qigong had also helped to get rid of bad habits such as smoking and drinking. At 52, Misha is looking like 44 max, full of creative energy and love for life.

Dmitry Belyaev 33 y.o. the head of Tango school

Professional dancer and head of a Tango School, Dmitry came to me because of problems with his musculoskeletal system. Qigong has helped him overcome not just this problem, but also improved the quality of his movements, which is very important in dancing, because in qigong we practice smooth movements which help us move consciously. As Dmitry himself says “Qigong nicely adds to the sport of dancing, it practices increasing speed, strength and the accuracy of movement”

Qigong lies at the foundation of Taijiquan, which involves a wide range of different exercises and practices.

Qigong practice began in China more than 1000 years ago. From that time different methods have been established to achieve natural rejuvenation of the organism, growth, activation of vitality and undergoing soft and smooth rehabilitation after different illnesses.

I am very glad that we now have the opportunity to practice online in any city in the world at any suitable time. Practice can even be done during lunch breaks at work because you really don’t need anything more than a space of 1-2 square meters. You don’t even need to change your outfit as the exercises are soft and, in its amplitude, do not require any special stretch material in clothing.

Online video lessons also have an advantage over face to face classes as you can pause at any time, repeat, forward or turn on any favorite practice which is explained in detail and you will never miss a single lesson anymore.

To consider. Practicing online is incomparably cheaper and the delivered quality of the material is more sensitive and detailed. The cost of one full month of practice is just $9 - this price is equal to exactly 45 minutes of 1 face to face group practice.

I regularly add new lessons to keep your practice varied and interesting.

Your Instructor

Cheng Long
Cheng Long

Qigong is my life and my calling. For more than 20 years I have been practicing and teaching qigong and tai chi, and I have been studying martial arts.

Since 2005 I study the tradition of grandmaster in 18thgeneration of taijiquan style Chen and the founder Hunyuan Tai Chi, Feng Zhiqiang.

In 2005 I have been accepted as personal student of Pan Houcheng who is the successor of grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. The Tradition is a system which has been passed down for generations from the teacher to his most trusted student. From generation to generation the Tradition evolves because every keeper lives in a different environment and surroundings. So on one hand the Tradition has ancient inviolable roots, while on the other hand it is a flexible form which can be adapted to changing times and conditions.

The fundamental principle of Hunyuan Tai Chi lies in the strengthening of health and forming self-defensive skills, it concentrates on shaping health; cultivating movement and peace, putting an accent on peace; developing both inner and outer but its main focus is on the inner.

Personal achievements: 5 duan Wushu, awarded by the Chinese association of Wushu, 6time Champion of Russia, 3 time European Champion awarded by TCFE, the winner of the Feng Zhiqiang Cup in Tuishou. The winner of countless international tournaments in tolu (forms). Head judge of the European tournament ofTCFE 2014, 2016. Head of the Hunyuan Tai chi Academy “CHENG LONG’


From 2005 – researching the tradition of grandmaster of the 18thgeneration taijiquan style Chen and the founder of Hunyuan Tai chi, Feng Zhiqiang

From 1996 – studying Taijiquan and Tuishou
From 1990 – practicing the Baguchan style Lan Djenlu
In 1988-1990 – practicing aikido Aikikai
1987-1988 – studying karate Shotokan

Certificates of completion of 5 duan CWA, on completion of the education with grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang and Pan Houcheng, China. (My Russian name Vladimir Sidorov)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the lessons?
The lessons are only available for online use.
How long will the lessons be available?
Immediately after payment of the monthly fee, all lessons become available. The cost is $9 per month
Automatic subscription renewal
One month after your first payment your subscription will automatically renew and the fee will be charged to your card. To cancel automatic subscription renewal, you can go to your personal account and cancel.
Do I need the Stick for the exercises?
To do the exercises you will definitely need the Stick. You can purchase one in our studio in Moscow or we can send it to you via mail. It costs $19. Otherwise you can use a similar object (plunger, water bottle etc). For ordering requirements email us at [email protected]

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